When you get the itch to travel scratch it

Today has been god awful hot in Florida. I have been out several times today but no creatures have been out and about.  So I try right before dark when it is a degree or two cooler. I am rewarded with a pair of Barred Owls. trying to get the right camera settings is a chore. The hammock is getting dark and the sky that I'm shooting up into is still very bright. doing the best I can without a tripod I'm at least having fun. Then crashing down the trail come 3 drunk people. Then my ears perceive the call of the urban idiot "WHAT ARE YOU TAKING PICTURES OF" as the owl flies back further  into the trees.  I tell them I was shooting an owl and point him out back in the hammock.   The guy states he is going to get a picture of the owl with his phone and steps off the trail. I call after him "wait don't go though there". He spins around and screams" who the fuck are you the king of the forest I'll go where ever I want" one of the girls with him yells "Yea Fuck You". So I shut my mouth and watch the 3 of them in their shorts and flip-flops stroll though a huge patch of poison oak. Strange even though the tag on their camp site said they had taken it for the week they had packed up and left the next morning. They must have gotten the itch to travel more