Are police really necessary in today's society

Are the police necessary in today’s society?  A couple of things that have happened within my world have really gotten me questioning just that.  The most recent was on a trip to the Seattle Area I had the car window smashed in and $10,000 dollars worth of camera gear stolen right in front of a Starbucks in a Barnes and Noble. Being disabled there is no way I can replace what I lost 10,000 being what I get in a year in disability. I called 911 and was told that they could not send out an officer that I should just go home and file a report online then hung up on.  I had to call back and was forced to get belligerent in order for them to send a car out. A couple of hours after my first call a car finally shows up and the officer acts like I have ruined his day by having my camera gear stolen.  Finally I get a report number so I can call in and give them the serial number off the camera when I get it. This then becomes another struggle I start calling the next day with the info no one answers the phone or calls me back I send a few emails and do not get any reply for 2 weeks.

The other incident was a close friend of mine was out the night before Easter in Syracuse he blew off some kids panhandling on the street corner on his way to one of the clubs. One of the kids came up behind him and stabbed him in the kidneys.  Everyone standing in line witnessed it as did the bouncers at the club and his friends. They flagged down an ambulance and called 911. The police never came to the scene to interview anyone. They showed up at the hospital the next day to ask my friend questions he gave they all of his info including names and numbers of witnesses. Before they left he came right out and asked them are you going to catch him the officers just turned to him and said NO. They never interviewed anyone or did any follow up. My friend spent a month in the hospital and still has problems till this day.

Since my robbery I have heard from hundreds of people who have been robbed and received the same oh well what do you want us to do about it attitude from the police. Not one person has said that the police in any way shape or form help to get their stuff back.  

Ok so they don’t solve small crimes that must mean they are working on the big stuff like murder. Well since 1980 there have been over 200,000 thousand unsolved murders in this country. In only about one third of all murders is an arrest even made.

Well then they must be going against mass shootings. Wrong again not one mass shooting in this country has been stopped by the police. The person either kills themselves or an ordinary citizen stops it.

Terrorists that’s who they are going after” yea no” The terrorist activity in this country since 911 has been orchestrated by the FBI here is a link to a great Ted talk on it

Domestic disputes? Every study ever done shows  police involvement only makes the situation worst. Ask any women who has ever had a restraining order just how much weight it carries with the police they don’t even do anything when that women goes into the 200,000 unsolved murder category.

The only 2 things the police seem to still be doing is low level pot arrests and traffic tickets. With more and more states making pot legal there goes the majority of criminal arrests in the country. So they are left with just writing tickets. This brings us to technology intersections and highways are being filled with cameras. California is looking into using you cars own computer against you when you go in for your registration they will down load all the info and say oops your taillight was out or you were speeding here is your ticket.

So I ask you again do we still need police in today’s society. It seems the quote “Protect and serve” on the side of the cars only applies to the criminals.      

Next time you see a budget incress on your ballot ask yourself what do they really do and do we need them at all