Robbed in Seattle

I came out to Seattle to visit my son and new Grandson this week. I got to shoot the Fireworks downtown on Saturday then Sunday afternoon we stopped at the Barnes and Noble  in Federal Way. While we were inside someone smashed out the window of my sons van and stole my camera bag with over $10,000 in equipment in it. Calling 911 we were informed that they would not be sending anyone out to file a report we would have to do that online. I was giving a number to update my case when I had the serial number and have been calling it all day but no one answers or calls me back. I want to know what we are paying the police for apparently its just to shoot blacks they don't seem interested in taking care of crime anymore. Being disabled there is no way I can afford to replace all my camera gear So this looks like the end of my Photography dreams. I hate to say but it has also left a very sour taste in my mouth for Seattle.