Pain Management

My leg is killing me! Normally I’m hobbling around on it most of the day and that seems to keep it from cramping up. Shooting what is in front of me puts all my focus though the lens so there is nothing left for my leg. Without my camera there is no purpose in walking. I need a purpose something to work towards its how I am built. I have cut myself back to one meal a day so I can save every dime I can for camera equipment just need to get my life back. I am really not fond of the Seattle area so one the 3rd I’ll be heading back toward Wyoming That area of the country the people are just real. They make you feel welcome no matter who you are. Where here in Seattle if you can’t help them move their own agenda forward the people would just as soon spit on you.  Also if I’m in the Yellowstone ,Teton area even without my camera I can still get out and commune with the wildlife.