Nightmare in low resolution

I woke to a horrible Dream this morning. I was trying to shoot photos of a baseball team. Because all gear had been stolen I was using an old xti with a cheap kit lens. I’m trying to stack people so I can fit them into the frame. Has I’m doing that I keep hearing cheering and I’m spinning around to catch action shots on the field but my lens is not long enough to get in on the action. Then back to the team shot but I just cant get everyone into the frame. Back to the game and nothing over and over again.

Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant will recognize the dream. Where the customers just keep coming and you’re taking orders just as fast as you can. But nothing is coming out of the kitchen or bar. You’re yelling at them but they just look at you with that what do you want me to do about it look while the hostess tells you just got sat again. So you run out to greet them and all your old table are demanding their food and it just keeps going and going until you wake up gasping for breath with your heart pounding.

Never thought I would have that kind of dream with something I love as much as photography. The stress of having all my gear stolen and not being able to shoot every me. With it being world photo day it is just a punch in the gut day is getting to every time I get an e-mail about it.

If anyone wants to help me get gear back they can go to or if you have good used gear you would like to donate to the cause just contact me.