Black and Right Photography

I have just started readingGo set a watchman So when I saw To kill a Mocking bird on Netflix I decided to watch it. I had not seen the movie in 30 years and more importantly had not seen it since I started photography. Bearing that in mind I never realized just how perfect the movie was shot. Forget all these classes on how to shoot all you really need to do is watch this movie. Just break down each scene of Russell Harlan’s cinematography to use in your still work. He shows all the best techniques in photography for Framing, focus, leading lines, Lighting, posing, dramatic camera angles, and depth of field.  Most of the old black and white cinematographers understood their cameras more than anyone shooting today. I guess the take away of this is forget taking online classes and start watching old black and white films. Pick out scenes and try to recreate them you cannot help but to get better. You will also get to see some of the best movies ever made. Films with heroes, great word play, humor, and massive creativity. Most importantly enjoy your shooting.