Forgotten Americans or the disabled

One of the hardest things to come to terms with in the past few years was just how many people are in the same situation as me. The National parks and forests are filled disabled people. As I write this there are 6 disabled people in this one camp ground. Yes they are all homeless but not the kind you will see they don't run around drinking and begging  money they have too much pride. Each of them had a good job before an accident. 2 of them severed their spines in car accidents and are in wheelchairs.  One put up cell towers until he fell. One was a landscaper until he had the nerves in his arm severed with a machete. And two motorcycle accidents. The common thread is that their disability does not pay enough to live on. Without family and friends they were forced to become homeless. Even then its a struggle to get to the end of the month with any money left at all so trying to get out of the situation is next to impossible. These are good people who fight everyday not to get bitter. Even though they have nothing  Each and everyone will offer you a meal from the goodness of their hearts sure its going to be just a cheap starch and probable a hot dog  but its usually a meal they are going to have to give up latter and not one of them would think twice about offering it to you. Now this is just one campgrounds you will find them In each one across the country. Life is a nonstop struggle an illness or a problem with a car and what little they have comes crashing down around them.

When something like the earthquake Napal happens and the government and individuals give billions it is hard not to wonder why the government can't give their own taxpayers enough to live on.  People gave the Bush and Clinton charities Billions  for Haiti and the money never made it to the people it just stayed in the pockets of the rich. If you want to give, give on an individual basis Help change one persons life it will be much more rewarding and you can see your making a difference.