Getting Photo Tips

I’m up before dawn so I can run out to Bear Lake and get photos. They have been doing construction on the roads so your time is limited to go out there. It’s a hike of only a couple of hundred yards so I think I can make this one pretty easy. If the car was not bouncing all around it would be a very peaceful drive. When I get to the lake there are a few people wondering around and a bus with a photography class. Finding a spot I like I start for it. it’s a semi flat rock about 12 feet out into the lake. That’s when to multiple sides of me start arguing accident guy starts bitching that I’m going to break my leg again complaining that the metal is already cold and he does not want to fall in the freezing lake. God I hate whiners so I don’t listen to him and step out onto the first rock.   With the dexterity of an elephant on stilts I reach for the second stone. Practical guy reminds me that if I drop my camera in to the lake I’m done. I firmly inform him that if he wanted to put his 2 cents in he should have done it before I started this whole adventure and kept me home. Rock 3 Its to late now so kindly keep your thoughts to yourself and besides I bought the protection plan and hate to see that money go to waste. He forgets the lenses are not covered and I don’t bring it up.  And rock 4. Finally photo guy says it sure is beautiful here good choice. I step triumphantly on the big flat rock chest swelling with pride has I stumble to the far side of the rock. Staring at the water photo guy pipes up and asks “who’s the idiot that picked this spot”.

 But I’m dry camera is dry what more could you ask for.  Strip off the tripod set it up camera on and change the lens. While I am picking my spot the guy running the camera class is going from student to student telling them how to shoot the lake. What he is telling them is completely different from what I have heard on and reading.  I frame up and start shooting test shots trying to get my settings right. I here behind me “can I help you out”. I turn to him and tell him I’m good but thanks. When I start to turn around he says I see you are shooting already. Turning back I say yea well bits are cheap.  In a huff he Pronounces “ a real photographer waits for the right moment and takes one picture”.  Shaking my head I let him know I’m going to shoot the shit out of this lake and get a few shots I like and learn more than his class ever will. I stuff the ear buds in my ears and go back to listening to Penn Jillette’s God No.

I did get some shots I liked not enough drama for me.

 Note to self Must learn a cloud dance. After I walked around the lake and decided to go back and take a nap. Of course I have to stop and read every sign I see. This one says a waterfall this way under 2 miles. No too tired I need to take a nap. Hello your already half way there. Well in that case I’ll keep going.

 If you have children under7 don’t bring them to a national park. They are to small to do all the hiking. I saw 3 families turn around today alone. I don’t know who thinks their 5 year old is going to enjoy a 5 mile hike up hill in the sun getting bitten by bugs. Well they will not! The only thing they care about is the animals. So take them to wild Adventure see the animals then maybe go to the water park. Don’t make them hate the outdoors because they can’t keep up with you. When they are older you can have your life back.

 Well the 2 miles just about doubled because of taking extra trails for excitement.

 I did enjoy the hobble the falls were beautiful. 

But that did take the rest of the day. There had been a cougar hanging around the campgrounds so I spent the night looking for her to no avail. There is always tomorrow or I could tie a piece of bacon to me toe while I slept.   Only kidding if I had bacon I would fight her for it.