My most embarrassing moment as a photographer

Out in the wilderness I'm pretty much fearless.  I've had bears swipe at my tent a buffalo shove his head inside that same tent when I was unzipping it. Been pinned to a fence by an elk  had a coyote sniff my bad leg none of which bothered me at all. In the everglades one night after shooting close-ups of crocs I go back to the campsite for a little sleep. I get up and go to the car for a beverage when I open the door something in the dark hits me in the face.  Its pulling at my eyes and skin I can't shake it off. Dropping what I had in my hands I start clawing at my face in complete panic mode. It pulls my eye lids so far from my eye its really painful. Finally throwing it away from me my heart is beating 200 beats a minute I can't think straight or calm my panic. I grab up my flashlight from the ground and start swinging the beam around until I find the creature that was so close to taking my life. There on the car window is a little green tree frog.  Then I'm just thanking all that is holy that it was dark and no one could see me thrashing around like a 6 year old girl being chased with a snake at summer camp. Think I'll stick with the bears.