Losing Faith

I run out to shoot like everyday even though I don't have high hopes way too many people running around today.  Pushing down a side trail trying to get as far from the swimming area as possible. Upon reaching the end of the trail I run into a church group. Pouncing on me like a bobcat on a mole one of the gentlemen starts asking me a thousand questions about my camera. While answering him the kids start gathering around with rapid fire that would make any AK owner Proud they start a barrage of questions of their own.  Never being able not to answer a child's question  I tell them all about the camera show them how and let them take some shots. All the while the first gentleman is peppering me with questions on how to set up his camera. Not being a Nikon shooter I help him the best I can. between teaching questions one of them asks me what I'm doing out there. Sharing with them my National Park Project each and everyone tells me what a great Idea it is and how they are all going to support it. I'm thinking that's wonderful my hour and a half of teaching has not been in vain. the flow of the crowd starts walking back up the trail. within a hundred yards something snaps in my ankle. With all the damage done to my leg this is nothing new but I can't put any weight on my bad leg again.  The group huddles round me all of them to the man exclaim how they will pray for me. this affirmation continues as they walk off down the trail.  Ok so not one person offered me a shoulder  for ad at least its not raining and its only 3/4 of a mile to hop back over roots and logs. An hour later I reach the swimming area again the group is swimming and barbecuing the gentleman with the Nikon  who is now working the grill assures me has I hop by that they are praying for me. I just bite my lip and hop up the hill toward my car.   I'm sure it does not need to be added but not a one supported my project.