Coleman fan boy to no way

Another sleepless night. I've been using Coleman slim twin air mattresses because they fit the spot  I have but they don't last more than a month. Either they stop holding air (no visible holes they just go flat over a few hours) or the quilting inside the mattress gives way so you get these big bubbles in the Coleman slim twin mattress. I used to be a big fan of Coleman I have used their products all my life and liked them. So when I started this National Park project I turned to them first thing. Boy has my opinion changed first was the tent.  Within a half a dozen times setting it up the poles started to splinter So I started to wrap them in duck tape until they were so covered in duct tape it was hard to  slide them into the tunnels any more.  Next was a Coleman single burner propane stove which does work good but the canisters are hit or miss. Some have bad threads some only last a couple of uses I find the cheap canisters I get at Wal-Mart are much more reliable.  With the mattresses they have an enclosed note saying do not return to store send back to Coleman. Well I'm on the road all the time so where the hell are they suppose to send a replacement. So in no time I have gone from fan boy to actively telling people in stores not to buy their products. I say the same thing to you there are much better products on the market that will last a lot longer save yourself the aggravation and do not buy Coleman products.